Stand Alone Hotel System

The Stand Alone Hotel System (SAHS) is an electronic access control system designed for Hotels. This software package is integrated with the Duralock access control hardware produced by CDS.

Each door is fitted with an electronic lock that is powered by a small battery. There is no wiring between lock and the central server - cheaper than the HLSI but missing some key features.

The main features provided by the SAHS system are:

  • magnetic stripe cards are used to gain access to doors
  • magnetic stripe cards are encoded for each guest
  • support for guests checking in or out of the hotel
  • support for employees (such as staff and security guards)
  • simple control over which doors guests and employees have access to
  • audit trails of who has gained access to a door
  • custom interfaces to Property Management Systems
  • scalable multiuser system using simple and easy to use graphical frontends
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