Hotel Locking System Interface

The Hotel Locking System Interface (HLSI) is an electronic access control system designed for Hotels. This software package is part of the Duralock Hotel access control system.

Each door is fitted with an electronic lock that is mains powered. In the event of power failure the lock obtains its power from a battery pack. Each lock is wired back to central server - more expensive than the SAHS but offering superb features.

The main features provided by the HLSI system are:

  • magnetic stripe cards are used to gain access to doors
  • almost any magnetic card can be used (either pre-encoded by the hotel or a card normally carried by the guest, such as a credit card or bank card)
  • support for guests checking in or out of the hotel
  • support for employees (such as staff and security guards)
  • powerful control over which doors guests and employees have access to
  • employee access can be further restricted by time zones
  • support for lifts
  • constant monitoring of the HLS hardware with event and alarm audit trails
  • custom interfaces to external systems (such as a Hotel Management System and/or Building Automation System)
  • scalable multiuser system using simple and easy to use graphical frontends
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