Car Park Guidance System

This system delivers car drivers with real time information regarding the number of car parking spaces currently available within specific car parking facilities and the direction and status of alternative parking facilities.

A Linux server collects information from sensors installed in the car parks and then updates street signs that have digital displays. Support for car parks that do not have sensors is also provided. Operators at these car parks can use a normal phone to dial up a voice modem connected to the Linux server and specify what message should be displayed about their car park.

Descriptions of all car parks and street signs are kept in a database on the Linux server. Historical car park information and alarms that have occurred are also kept on the Linux server.

A graphical user client allows access to the Linux server database. Authorised personnel can use this program to update the Linux server database, obtain real time information about the status of all car parks and street signs and to also examine historical car park information.

Drive around the Melbourne CBD - its easy to spot the signs that use this system, they are everywhere!

[Punt Rd Sign] [Street Sign]