Pavsoft is an Australian software development company based in Ivanhoe, Melbourne. Our vision is to integrate your business requirements with today's technology to provide a custom turnkey system which is user friendly, efficient to operate and cost effective.

Our aim is to develop strong, ongoing relationships with our clients and provide custom built applications which are tailored to their strategic business considerations.

Our solutions are based on either or all of the following:

  • Linux custom built applications (we use Mandriva and Red Hat Linux)
  • C/C++ and Java languages (industry standards)
  • Tcl (Tool Command Language) and Tk (graphical user interface toolkit)
  • Distributed client server architecture (socket based)
  • Apache - the most popular web server in the world!

Our main focus is to provide custom software development to your specifications. All work is done in Linux using Java, C/C++ and Tcl/Tk. Call for more information.

We offer 24 hour hotline and modem support to all our customers for all our products.

[Linux Penguin] Java [Mandrake Linux] [Red Hat Linux] [Tcl/Tk] [Apache]